About Us

We form part of the UK’s biggest surplus buying network which means we buy stock from bankrupt stores and Clearance stock from manufacturers. We work closely with manufacturers so that when stock is made for a high street store we can also purchase the same quality of product but because of our low over heads we can retail the stock for a massively reduced price compared to the high street. We also work with liquidators and product agents to achieve our goals in getting the best stock at unbeatable prices.

We supply the wholesaler who in turn supplies shops and web sites

Our previous wholesale prices were obviously a fraction of the original retail price, so were in great demand.

But because of huge rents and rates the Wholesalers add 15-20% to the price.

Then a further increase is put in place in the high street stores due to rents,rates and taxes being so high and this why the shops work on a 2.5 times mark up minimum.

The result is a huge price that many people are not willing to pay!


We should retail the stock in high volume ourselves and we are in control of all the stock so there won’t be any competition if we are not wholesaling.

Because we can distribute from our own warehouse we have limited overheads compared to the high street and the big benefit to you the consumer is that our stock is extremely low priced.

So why buy from the fourth party at huge retail prices when you can buy from the source!

We are going to revolutionise discount shopping by selling in high volume at wholesale prices but direct to the consumer.
Example 1 Designer Polo shirt We sell for £25
Wholesaler sells for £30
Retailer sells for £75-85

Example 2 Lamp made for famous high street store
Cost to make with shipping £10
Store sells for £45
We buy at £10
We can sell for £15

We can only do this if we sell in large volumes but because of reduced prices people jump at the chance!

As you can easily see the advantage is that you get the same product for a fraction of the price, this is how we can offer our unbeatable prices

The difference between us and other deal websites is we can offer other companies stock or deals and take a commission on the sale so more stock is offered and new stock is regularly added as well as our own deals, again the customer wins with rock bottom prices!